The museum recounts the heroic efforts made by pioneers to reach the North Pole at the turn of the last century.

The purpose of the museum is to impart the history and importance of the North Pole expeditions have had in the Arctic.


The nations that participated in these historical events include Norway, Russia, Italy, America, Sweden, Holland, France. the Czech Republic and Finland are represented.


Controversy and a general lack of information has often surrounded these great expeditions. The Museum seeks to communicate, in a neutral manner and as correctly as possible, an understanding of the events that took place during and after these expeditions.


It is a point for the museum to emphasize the diversity of the pesrsonal stories of the participants. Hence the texts are written by an international selection of historians and relatives of expedition participants.


The exhibition is in two floors, and consists of the original expedition film footage, pictures, telegrams, newspapers, philately, ship and plane models and other related artifacts.


  • „Nansen“ the ship Fram (1893-1896)
  • „Andrée“ the balloon Ørnen (1896-1897)
  • „The Duke Abruzzo“ the ship Stella Polare (1899)
  • „Cook and Peary“ (1906-1907)
  • „Wellman“ the airship America (1907/1909)
  • „Amundsen, Ellsworth and Nobile” “Norge” expedition 1926
  • „Italia“ expedition 1928 (the following rescue operations after the crash on the sea ice constitute the largest rescue operation in the Arctic up until today)


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